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The Show How

Are you a first time swimming pool owner or simply want to brush up on your pool knowledge?


The "Show How" is a popular service with our customers because we come to you!


Protect one of your biggest investments, by learning the proper procedures to care for your pool.

Cleaning and maintaining residential swimming pools can be a big job!

Fox Pool & Spa can keep your pool water crystal clear and chemically balanced so you can relax and enjoy your pool all season long.

Call Us for a Free Estimate!

  • We will visit your home and show you how to operate all of your equipment, manually vacuum, clean your filter and pump basket, maintain proper chemistry, and answer any questions that you may have!

  • Every pool is different and the internet has a lot of misinformation about the proper care of a swimming pool. Let us show you how to operate YOUR POOL.

  • Follow-up on your newly learned knowledge with free water testing and advice from our knowledgeable staff at our retail store. We will guide you one step at a time.


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