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Fox Pool & Spa offers a complete line of Service and Repair options for your residential or commercial swimming pool.

From opening your swimming pool in the spring to pump and filter repair, Fox Pool & Spa has got you covered.

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Nothing kicks off your spring and summer like a crystal clear swimming pool! Be sure to get on our schedule early.....We fill up fast!

A beautiful tree in Autumn with its leaves falling

Get your swimming pool ready for the cold winter season by having it professionally winterized. Properly winterizing your swimming pool can prevent costly equipment and plumbing damage.

A safety cover by Merlin gives a sleek look to a closed pool
Hayward Aquarite Salt Chlorinator

Imagine a swimming pool cover that is safe, easy to clean, and provides better protection! Your Merlin Safety Cover will be custom manufactured and designed to accommodate steps, angles, diving boards, and objects on your pool deck. We offer covers that provide:

  • A safer surface for children and pets

  • UV protection that blocks out 99% of sunlight for longer algae prevention 

  • Ease of cleaning - water easily passes through the cover and leaves can simply be blown away

  • A sleek, tight fit

The world's #1 salt chlorine generator! The Hayward Aquarite Salt Chlorinator is the convenient alternative to conventional chlorine. You will experience soft and silky water and can say goodbye to itchy skin and red eyes!

  • Available for inground and above ground pools

  • 4 year warranty 

  • Convenient and trouble-free maintenance

  • Super-chlorinate  your pool with the touch of a button

  • No more handling of harsh and irritating chlorine

Pentair Triton Filter

Over time the sand in your filter breaks down creating less effiecient filtration of fine particles and impurities. An efficient filter will save you both time and money while delivering crystal clear, sparkling water with less effort.

Hayward S244T Filter

To function properly, your filter may need occasional maintenance or service. We repair all types of swimming pool filters and have hundreds of parts in stock.

  • Sand Filter Repair

  • Cartridge Filter Repair

  • DE Filter Repair

Hayward Superpump

Your swimming pool pump is one of the most important elements of your swimming pool system. We can repair or replace anything from leaking seals and worn-out gaskets to broken impellers and cracked housings.

A.O. Smith replacement motor

A properly maintained motor will provide you with dependable, quiet, and efficient operation. A loud or "screaming" motor, in addition to being costly and less energy efficient, can be a nusiance to you and your neighbors. We stock a wide range of motors and parts to quickly get your pool back to a smooth and quiet operation. 

We provide service and repair for all components of your swimming pool plumbing system. A well plumbed pool system is vital for proper function and efficiency and aids in easier operation. Leaks and even small drips can lead to costly repairs or further damage to your pool.


  • Broken PVC valves and handles

  • Leaking male adapters at pump or filter

  • In-line and off-line chlorinator repair


PVC plumbing parts


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